Contributor Gallery

We are proud of all the fine folks who have contributed their stories, poems, artwork, and other works to On Spec over the years. Please stroll through and peruse our growing gallery of contributors, and check out what they’re up to now. Click on a picture to get more information.

If you are a past On Spec contributor we want to add your smiling face to our gallery! Please send us a picture of you holding the issue(s) in which you appeared, along with a short note to tell us what you’re up to. Please include a link to your website if you have one. 





3 thoughts on “Contributor Gallery”

  1. I’m a previous contributor and would like to have a link on my website to point to the issue in which I appeared. However, I don’t see anywhere where anyone can link to/purchase previous issues. Can you tell me if this possible?


    1. Currently, we don’t have links to specific issues beyond what is available on Weightless Books. But it is something we are working on. If you send an email to with your specifics, we’ll get in touch when we make it happen. Thanks!


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