Current Issue # 107 Vol. 28 No 4




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  • When Winter Comes   by Hayden Trenholm

“He could go deeper into the bush, not only off the highway, but well away from dirt trails or cut lines. Though how he would live, he didn’t know. He had no real skills; had never had to develop them. He’d depended on the kindness of strangers for most things—until he couldn’t stand it anymore.”

  • Dirty Wings by Chelsea Vowel

     “I’ve been waiting years for nikâwiy to make me moccasins; you’re not supposed to buy them, that’s what môniyâwak do. But no one taught nikâwiy, and every couple of years she and my aunties would try a new pattern, something from a book or described to them by a friend, giving up before finishing the pair. She’s got a bunch of left foot moccasins in different styles crammed into her craft drawers. None of them “felt right,” she’d laugh when I pulled them out and asked why she didn’t finish them.”

  • The Fat Man by  Susan Forest

 “The streets flash by and I cannot wait for the trip to end, to see Julie, to check the house. Through the train windows, decaying concrete apartments scream out silent graffiti. Hopeless men lounge in doorways, caught between heat and rain. Bands of young louts with no vent for their powerlessness huddle in alleys beneath cardboard, drinking. Many are my countrymen. But many are southern refugees, fleeing drought, fires, hurricanes. Fleeing the American civil war, as the chaos south of the border has been labelled, for the doubtful security of Canada’s martial law.”

  • Death and Natalie, Natalie and Death by Jordan Taylor

       “Rats liked to think that they were Death’s special friends. Death thought it had something to do with the Bubonic Plague, and often wished she could explain to them that it had really been the fleas who’d carried the disease. The rats had only carried the fleas. A sort of sub-vector, if you will. Death was taking AP Biology.”

  • Ashwright by  Robert Luke Wilkins

     “And they would pay—they all did. Even those who couldn’t afford it would try to find the means, or barter goods in exchange—because these days, everyone needed the protection his craft could provide. The war in the north distracted the Lords from their duties, and raiders ran free, robbing and killing with impunity.”

  • Thank Yew Very Much by Sally McBride

     “I knew she was in there, I could feel the blackberry-bramble prickle of her personality seeping round the window frames and under the sturdy oak door. Her normal response would be “Of course not! Have you ever known me to be decent?” This was very worrying. Gladys and I had a relationship that went back to before the first Withering War, and I liked to think I was attuned to her moods. Something was terribly wrong.”

  • Side Effects May Include by C.J. Lavigne

 “Martina resisted the urge to mutter something impolite; she didn’t need any noise charges. Around her, rows of other bunks were filled with still-slumbering figures, their silhouettes lumpy in the barely-lit room. A trail of softly glowing COEFFEX logos gleamed into life along the floor, guiding her way to one of the doors along the far wall.”


  • But My Butt Is Sore…   Editorial by Virginia O’Dine
  • Writing to Resist: An Interview with Chelsea Vowel by Roberta Laurie
  • Chris Harms Artist Interview by Cat McDonald
  • Can-Con 2017 Report by Diane Walton


  • Theodroid by Josh Pearce


  • Ursula Le Guin in the Underworld : An elegy by Sarah Tolmie

    Cover by Chris Harms


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