There are many ways you can contribute financially to On Spec Magazine and help us continue providing a voice for speculative short-fiction in Canada. While we can’t issue you a tax receipt, when you make a gift over $24 Cdn , we will send a one-year subscription to On Spec Magazine as our thank-you.

You might find it interesting to see how your money gets put to good use. Below are some estimated costs we incur with each issue.

  • $50 pays for a poem or interior illustration
  • $125-$200 pays for a short story or non-fiction article
  • $450 pays for a cover
  • $4,000 pays for production (printing and mailing) of an average issue, depending on the size of a print run

There are also the ongoing costs of maintaining our website, post office box rental, professional fees for accounting work, and the like. While some costs are covered by our grants, and subscriptions, we need sustainable funding to help with initiatives such as advertising and convention appearances.


We have a fantastic Patreon page where you can support us with monthly donations. Patreon supports creators of all kinds. All you need to do is to pick the support level that works for you, and you will be providing us with a sustainable source of revenue. A monthly commitment of $5 and over will get you a subscription to On Spec.


Simply click on the PayPal Donate button to the right, to complete your transaction. If you are donating over $24 Cdn, please include your mailing address (if you want print) or type “Digital Subscription” (if you want digital) in the Special Instructions box.


Cheques can be made out to ‘On Spec Magazine’, and mailed to: ON SPEC, Box 4727, Edmonton, AB T6E 5G6, Canada. If you are donating over $24 Cdn and wish a subscription as our gift, please include the mailing address you’d like us to use with your cheque. Similarly, if you plan to gift a local library or school with a subscription, we can do that as well.


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