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Free On Spec Teachers Tool-kit Download

On Spec editors and teachers Robin Carson and Barb Galler-Smith have created a Teachers’ Tool-kit based the short story “Space Monkeys” by Ryan M. Williams, which appeared in On Spec Summer 2011. A science fiction story, it centres around a father connecting with his autistic son through a mail order kit of ‘space monkeys’.

Who are the teachers that would benefit from the Teachers’ Tool-kit?: The tool-kit is a full teaching plant that any teacher can use if they feel it’s a fit for their classroom, including as an exercise a substitute teacher can present to students.

Who are the students intended for the Teachers’ Toolkit?: Space Monkeys” is intended for both students who are advanced readers in elementary school (grades 4 to 6) and reluctant readers in junior high (grades 7 to 9).

What does the package include?: The short story “Space Monkeys”, discussion points for students, analysis of the story, researched links on autism, a word finder and crossword, and more!

Download the Tool-kit Here!

You can get a digital copy of On Spec Summer 2011 (containing “Space Monkeys” and other great stories) through Weightless Books.

We would love to create more of these packages, so consider donating to On Spec, or supporting our Patreon campaign.

2 thoughts on “For Libraries and Schools”

  1. This is WONDERFUL! I am teaching a lady from India how to speak, read and write English, and I will use this for her and some of my other students. Thank you very much!

    Kathleen L. Arnason


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