On Spec Magazine does not exist in a vacuum. We could not exist without the support of our sponsors:

We receive funding from Alberta Culture and Tourism through the Alberta Media Fund.


We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of:
The Copper Cylinder Arts and Letters Association

And of course, our generous Patreon donors:

Barb Galler-Smith * Bruce Ramage * Robin Carson * Shahar Hauzner * Corine Jan * Kari Maaren * Teddy Edwards * Siri Paulson * Rhia Perkins * Aaron Humphrey * Brent Knowles * John Reinhart * Fiona Moore * Y. Lei * Robin Carson * Tammy Lee *Grey Jenkins * Paddy Calon* James Alan Gardner * Gail de Vos * Frances Moffatt * Maeltopia * Enigmatic Mirror Press * Joshua P’ng * Kristene * Hayden M Trenholm * Dr. Robert Runte * Roberta * Jason Kapalka * Fraser Ronald *  Nancy S.M. Waldman * Jane Starr* Candas Jane Dorsey * Michael G. Burton *


And while we do not receive funding from the following agencies, we are members and enjoy their support for the work that we do:




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