Story Submissions are Open!

The current short fiction submission period will end April 15, 2018.

You can submit your short stories to On Spec Magazine by clicking the link to our Submittable page. Instructions for registering on Submittable and uploading your story are simple to follow.

Before sending your work to On Spec, we advise you to read the Guidelines for Submission Format carefully. If you have questions about the submission process, please refer to our Submissions FAQ first. If you still have questions they can be sent to onspec(at)

If your work is a simultaneous submission, we don’t mind, but please let us know by withdrawing your story if you happen to sell it elsewhere before we’ve made a decision.

How does it work?
  •  The first reader assigned to each manuscript will determine its literary merit and overall suitability for On Spec, and either flag it for the other editors, or send an immediate response to the author.
  • After all the stories have been read once and culled, the remaining stories will be read by all the On Spec editors, and ultimately discussed in a face-to-face meeting, where selections are made. This takes some time, as we all volunteer our skills and hours for On Spec, but have other careers, families and lives to attend to. However, the editors aim to respond during the first quarter of the new year.
  • You will receive either a rejection letter or an offer of a publication contract in due course. You can track progress and status of your manuscript  through your Submittable log-in.
The Editors

Poetry Submissions are Open

In fact, poetry submissions are open year-round. Please follow the link to our Submittable page and click the appropriate button. To increase the chances of a successful poetry submission, please take a moment to read the guidelines once you are there. As with the stories, you can track the progress of your submission via Submittable.

Art Submissions are Open

And like poetry submissions, are always open. You can submit your art for consideration on our Submittable page, and track the progress of your submission there as well.


ON SPEC buys first North American serial (magazine) rights to your work. We pay upon acceptance.

Pay rates are as follows and in Canadian dollars:

  • Poems (4-100 lines): $50 plus one contributor’s copy
  • Short-short stories (under 1000 words): $50, plus one contributor’s copy

Fiction (6000 words max.)

  • 1000-2999 words: $125 plus 2 contributor’s copies plus a One year subscription
  • 3000-4999 words: $175 plus 2 contributor’s copies plus a One year subscription
  • 5000-6000 words: $200 plus 2 contributor’s copies plus a One year subscription

Extra copies may be purchased at the following Contributor Rates, regardless if the issues is current or a back issue at the time of the order:

  • In Canada: $4.00 Cdn each, plus postage (includes GST
  • IN USA: $4.00 US each, plus postage
  • Overseas: $4.00 US each, plus postage


16 thoughts on “Submissions”

  1. Dear Editors: This looks like a great call, but this page neglects to provide submission information. Submittable? Email? Postal? Please correct this information, so I may add it to my records. Thank you.


    1. As indicated on the Submission page, if chosen we are paying for first North American serial rights for your story. You can’t grant us that if it’s a reprint.


  2. Just to confirm: does the paragraph “If you do submit your story to another market, please let us know if it is sold elsewhere. We appreciate the courtesy.” indicate that simultaneous submissions are acceptable?

    (I completely understand if not, and am okay to keep waiting. But if they are acceptable, I’m going to look to updating the Submission Grinder outlines.)


  3. Do you require fees to submit? I hadn’t seen any indication on the website, but the payment section at the bottom of the submission page made me wonder.


    1. No, we don’t charge anything to submit. If you read closely, you’ll see that the Payment section talks about what we pay you, if we accept your submission.


    2. What we do have on the Submissions page is an opportunity for someone to subscribe to the magazine. It’s optional. But keep in mind that we rely on the ongoing support of our readers, to enable us to continue to publish (and pay) our writers.


    1. Hello! There is no minimum age, really. We judge the work on its own merits. We would require your parent/guardian’s contact information, though, as payment would have to go to them on your behalf.


  4. Back when your website was still, there was an article by the poetry editor explaining what sort of poetry he was looking for and what he definitely wasn’t. Is that still available somewhere — or, if the poetry editor has changed, is there a new set of hints?


    1. Thanks for getting in touch! Barry and Charlie are looking for poetry that reflects genre themes, be they SF or Fantasy or Horror etc.
      Rhyming poetry is not a favourite, but we’ll consider every submission.


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